Western Nights / Дикий Запад (1994)
Описание фильма: Western Nights / Дикий Запад (1994)
Американский порно фильм про старый добрый Техас, с его лихими ковбоями, салунами и прекрасными и похотливыми куртизанками... ou're in for the wildest stagecoach ride of your life! The boys are back in town and hot on the tails of some of the finest woman flesh this side of the Mississippi. Sam and Roscoe, fresh from Wicked's 1994 Best Video, Haunted Nights, are rested and ready for action in the Old West. Shot on location in a genuine western ghost town and featuring tons of real cowboy extras, horses, mules, stages, wagons, barrooms, cathouses... well, you get the picture... this thing is BIG! So saddle up pardner, and get ready to ride. Tera and her friends are waitin' just for you!
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