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Deicide - Impaled - Exmortem - Decapited - Gorerotted - Blood Red Thrown AVN Magazine says, "Director and performer Rob Rotten has given the porn audience something rather original: gritty, ugly, bloody zombie porn. It's visually arresting, with effective theatrical lighting and visual effects added to age and distress the look of it. The original death metal soundtrack rocks, and the makeup is quite effective. The fucking is hot in that it's highly energetic and angry, but the zombies and humans fucking while covered in blood and gore isn't exactly pretty. There's a humor and seriousness to it that walk hand in hand. And really, haven't we all wanted to see, the girl bite his cock off and feast on his entrails while blood and meat spew forth?"
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Роб Роттен представил на суд порно аудитории нечто совсем необычное: грязное, кровавое порно с зомби. Люди и зомби трахаются, кувыркаясь в крови...
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